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Weekly Update: $PAR events galore, Parachute Treasure Hunt Winner, Arena Match Roadmap, SelfKey on ETHoutlet... – 18 Oct - 24 Oct'19

Weekly Update: $PAR events galore, Parachute Treasure Hunt Winner, Arena Match Roadmap, SelfKey on ETHoutlet... – 18 Oct - 24 Oct'19
Hiya folks! Long time since I shared a weekly update. Let's see if I can catch up with the latest in the next few days. Wish me luck. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (18 Oct - 24 Oct'19):

This week’s Parena saw rageagainst take home a cool 50k $PAR by beating Ryan in a quick finale battle. The ParJar Battle Royale for our newest ParJar Pilot partners was this week. A ton of fun and a lot of $PAR (and $AMGO) tipped out. The official numbers of the $AMGO airdrop is out. The event which happened few weeks back saw 27k new ParJar wallets receiving the drop. Sweet! In this week’s TTR trivias, we saw 25k $PAR given out in MrPromise’s 10 question physics quiz, folks getting bamboozled in Charlotte’s Math trivia (10Qs, 2500 $PAR each), Doc Victor’s Video Games and War quiz seeing a participation frenzy for a 25k $PAR pot for 10 questions. Plus, Benjamin hosted a 10Q, 25k $PAR pot trivia based on the 2nd edition of the Parachute Post that he wrote. Even if you didn’t win, you definitely know more about Parachute and ParJar now. Thanks Ben!
Jose is making a Parachute CS map (de_parachute). Awesome! Gamers get ready
KellyBoy won 12,500 $PAR in Jason’s first ever raffle. Another first ever this week was Jason’s #WholesomeWed initiative: participants win $PAR for writing “about what they like about where they live”. Higher tips for photos, descriptions, stories, poems. Thank you Andy, Jason, Trojak, Nico B, Jeff Crypto, Gisele, Andhrew666, Reyna, Tavo (Gustavo), Cap, Zion, Lordhades, Marcos, Evangelina, Jose, Doc Victor, Saman, Richi, Shirin, Elena, Charlotte, Borna, Gl1tch, Bose Grace, Naya, Fadlan, Hanabi, dontouchscreen, Martha, Mariuska, Maiden, Jorge, Abdul, Labyb, CF (not Crypto French :p), Rin, Annerys, Mike India, Santhi, Adrian, Alexis, Frank, Glox, Muksin, Shaq Diesel, Alanys, Daniel, Brian, Yoleidis and Alejandro for the pictures! The Parachute Treasure Hunt finally has a winner. Congratulations to Justin Tobin for winning a boatload of crypto! Also, great teamwork by Harry, Edson, Unique, Reuben, Alimam and Doc Vic for getting the 2nd position. Two-for-Tuesday is back! This time in Parachute. This week’s theme was Rap/Reggae/Reggaeton. Super fun as always, Gian!
PARachuter lunch. PAR is everywhere #PARroundings. Pic courtesy: Sebastian
aXpire announced this week that they were joining the Oracle for Startups ecosystem. This initiative helps startups grow by leveraging Oracle’s PaaS and IaaS platforms. Watch the latest weekly update from Joakim by clicking here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn can be tracked here. The team also opened up a question form for an AMA next month. Last week, we shared that $BAT is now tradeable/spendable/sendable on 2gether. Read more about it here. The latest feature in the app allows you check price history of cryptos. Neat! Participants of the Crypto Talent competition, don’t forget to check out Salva’s video on foundations of the economy. Founding Partner Luis Estrada will be speaking on AI, Cloud and BigData at the eShow in Madrid next week. Following and chatting options are now live in the WednesdayClub dApp. Noice! The latest WandX update covers developments from the strategic front, especially how the team is navigating the challenges of cross blockchain applications and regulations vis-à-vis Dex’es. As mentioned in the previous updates, XIO will not switch to Binance Chain and will continue to remain on Ethereum. Zachary explained in detail the events that lead to the decision in this article and video. There will still be a token swap but it will be an ERC20:ERC20 token swap to filter out inactive wallets. Details on how to do the swap will be shared in future updates. The first set of XIO incubated startups are also slated to be revealed soon. If you wish to receive regular XIO mailer updates, make sure to register as a Citizen here. Uber cool gif, Jimpanze! This week’s community discussions revolved around utility vs adoption, liquidity pool on Uniswap and multi-collateral XIO.
\"First sneak peek at some conceptual UI/UX of $XIO\". Nice!
$HYDRO is now tradeable on Liquid with a $BTC and $EUR pairing. Deploying Hydrogen’s PaaS for your fintech needs could lead to massive cost savings. Read more about it here. Dedicated socials and website for the Hydro Labs were launched this week. Plus, a Turkish blog. The team travelled to Montreal for Fintech Forum Canada and to Madrid for the BBVA Open Summit. Ahead of the 2019 Fintech Awards in which Hydro is a nominee, the project was covered in an article by Benzinga. And a cool shoutout from Bank Innovation. Hydrogen is also a finalist in the Most Innovative Banking Technology Provider category of the Banking Technology Awards 2019. Woohoo! Hydro's webinar on financial wellness happened this week. The Hydro 2FA solution is now integrated in the Barginex trading platform. A sweet bugfix bounty of $10k HYDRO got scooped up within a day of announcement. Click here to catch up on the latest ongoings on the dev front at Silent Notary. Tech nerds, have a read of Sentivate founder Thomas Marchi’s thoughts on QUIC, HTTP, UDSP and have a go at his riddle while you’re around. OST’s Pepo app launched on Product Hunt and app stores this week. As influencers continue to join the platform, this week we got a chance to see Meltem Demirors, NiMA Asghari and Dennison Bertram in action on Pepo. The latest upgrade features browsable hashtags. OST Founder Jason Goldberg’s fireside chat with CryptoOracle co-founder Lou Kerner is scheduled for next week. OST-backed Pepo and Hornet are now live on State of the DApps. Ahead of the San Francisco Blockchain Week, which the team will be attending, a new bounty was released for attendees. Tons of $OST up for grabs! There’s also a cool bounty for 1k $OST for promoting your blockchain article.
With Halloween right around the corner, Hydro office decorations are on point
Click here to watch the Mycro design & development team work on the app’s processes. SelfKey’s $KEY token was listed on ETHoutlet this week. The listing will provide $KEY with an $HKD fiat on-ramp. Additionally, ETHoutlet also joined SelfKey’s Marketplace. ETHoutlet operates a Dealer Exchange (i.e. traders trade with the platform directly instead of P2P) and has a physical store where people can trade OTC by visiting the location. Want to identify an exit scam before it happens? SelfKey crew’s got your back. Check out their article to learn how. Constellation joined the Board of Advisors at the Portland State University this week as part of an accredited Business Blockchain Certificate program which is also the world’s first such university accredited program. Congratulations! BAGS token group had their 6th Bazaar Upcycle event this week. Plus, a ton of $BAGS were given away for trivia and stickers contest. The Arena Match Fall 2019 Roadmap was published. Some of the updates that will go live are – CS:GO ranked matchmaking, replacement of credits with straight cash in/out (with an optional AMGO toggle), enhanced Perks, new UI, on-demand servers etc. Lots in store! Big up to Pynk for winning the Wolves Summit Pitch Competition. Click here and here for pics from the event. Last week we talked about Pynk's feature in BlockMAG published by the Malta Blockchain Summit. Here's the full scoop. Plus, a cool shoutout from Founder Institute. P.S. Pynk is an FI alumnus.
Arena Match new dashboard prototype mockup
Birdchain announced a copywrite contest this week. Cryptowriters assemble! The team also shared its marketing roadmap. Switch partner McAfeeDex now has 10 portals live with more in line for release. The next updates will contain multi chain support + Onion portal. It is also the 37th most popular ETH-based dApp on DappRadar. Plus, a chance to win 1k $ESH. More media coverage of the McAfeeDex from, CoinTelegraph, Blockonomi, The Daily Chain podcast and BLOCKTV this week. Plus, the first decentralised IEO was launched on the Dex. If you missed Fantom’s AMA with CryptoDiffer this week, here’s the transcript to get upto speed. The latest research paper from Fantom's partners at Yonsei University talks about The Economics of Smart Contracts. Have a read when you get a moment. Uptrennd will be introducing a more robust verification system for withdrawals to ensure that the platform stays fair and keeps bad actors away. In addition to the Malta Blockchain Summit, Jeff will also be travelling to CMC’s The Capital and BlockShow this month. In case you get to meet him at these events, chances are you could win some $1UP in the process. Woot! Click here to check out the entries to the video intro contest started last week. Uptrennd now has a Subreddit as well. Starting this week, the crew will be publishing regular TA reports based on community votes. 1UP was voted for the first report. Blockport’s $BPT/$ETH trading pair was discontinued from KuCoin this week as requested by the project. The $BTC pairing will continue to operate on the exchanges. Click here to catch up on the latest district weekly from District0x.

And that’s a wrap for this week in Parachuteverse. See you again soon. Cheerio!
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